CBD Oil for Pain: How It Works, Benefits & Best Products

Do you suffer from pain? Did you try all possible remedies and nothing works? If you can recognize yourself in these sentences, you will need to consider CBD oil for pain. This remedy has been used all over the world by millions of people and it is effective in 99.9% cases. Yes, it is legal as well and was properly tested by third parties in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, and many other countries. But, which CBD oil is the best for this purpose? Now you will get the answer.

CBD oil for pain


Top 5 Best CBD Oil For Pain

Wild Things

Hemp Oil 1000mg is the best and the most appealing CBD oil for pain you can have today. It is made in the United States and passed all the tests. You can get it whenever you want and you will want to know that using the oil is legal in all 50 states. It is legal in other parts of the world as well. The oil comes extracted using CO2 or cold extraction which doesn’t damage the ingredients and compounds. It is the best method used only by premium manufacturers.

We must add that the oil provides 33mg of the CBD. It is specifically derived for pain management and it helps with chronic pain, arthritis, skin irritations, and many other issues. Keep in mind that the oil is packed with omega fatty acids which are essential for proper health and proper brain function. All combined, we must add that this product is just right for our list.


  • CO2 extraction
  • Tested and approved
  • Effective pain management
  • Multiple applications


  • Small package
  • Shipping issues possible

Nanocraft CBD

This CBD for pain has been known as one of the most advanced and the most sophisticated products of its kind. You will love the 3 stage filtration. It is used to remove all the ingredients and compounds you don’t need. There are no sediments either and we can add that the purity is 99.9% or the highest rate possible. You can feel all that quality and strength once you apply the first drop of the oil on your tongue.

The hemp used for making the oil meets the higher requirements. This CBD oil is free of pesticides, herbicides and any other chemical that doesn’t come from nature. This is an organic product of the highest quality and the one we liked a lot. Don’t forget that this product can be used for all kinds of treatments, including pain management.


  • Made from high-quality ingredients
  • No pesticides or herbicides
  • 3 stage filtration
  • High purity


  • Expensive
  • Delicate pipette

American Shaman

As you can see this CBD oil for pain relief comes in the form of tablets. Each one has 35mg of oil which makes it more powerful and stronger alternative. CBD oil is highly recommended for people who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety or simply want to feel better. The taste is something special and something you will appreciate. It is different than any other tablets and we cannot explain it. All we can add is that taste is one of the main advantages of the product.

The hemp used in making the tablets is high-quality, organic and treated with CO2 extraction. There are no artificial chemicals in any form present. The product is made in the United States and it was lab tested (by independent parties). It got approval with flying colors and it is simply one of the most sophisticated products of this kind.


  • Taste
  • High concentration
  • Lab tested and approved
  • Vegan


  • Requires some time to get used to it
  • Big tablets


Yes, this product is commonly explained as the best CBD oil for pain thanks to several reasons. The first one is the overall strength and quality of the ingredients. All of them are healthy, all natural and come without the presence of artificial chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides.

There are a lot of additional things you need to know about this particular product. Each batch is tested before delivery and the quality must be at the highest level possible. We liked the strength, the potency and the presence of omega 3 and 6 acids. They are beneficial for body and mind and they are something we usually don’t get from our diet. Now you can have them from these tablets.


  • High-quality ingredients
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • No artificial chemicals
  • Each batch is tested and approved


  • Packaging
  • Instructions are not the best


What if you are still looking for the best and the most appealing hemp oil for pain? Then you should take a closer look at this product. Like many others, it is made in the United States and approved. The manufacturer uses a state of the art facility, FDA approved. The CBD oil is derived from whole hemp plants and there are no artificial chemicals of any kind. This means that the product is organic and comes free from pesticides, herbicides and etc.

We must include that the oil is designed and made for pain management as the top priority. However, it can be used for stress relief, sleep issues and many other problems you may encounter at some point. The product is still new to the market, but we tested it and we know that it is one of the best CBD oils on the planet.


  • Organic
  • FDA approved
  • Potency
  • Great package


  • Customer support
  • Low number of users

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best CBD Oil For Pain

How you will find the best CBD oil for pain? Yes, you can use 5 products from the list above but you will need to know which one is the most suitable for you. That’s why we decided to present you the buyer’s guide. Here you can see all the factors, ingredients and the elements you need from CBD oil. After reading this section, you will become a professional and you will know all about these products and how to find the one you deserve.

Source of hemp CBD oil for pain

One of the biggest and the most important factors to consider is the source or origin of the hemp. This plant is bioaccumulator and it means that the plant draws all the nutrients and water from the soil. This also means that it will draw all the chemicals that are present in that soil. As such, if a farmer uses any chemicals, they will reach the plant and the oil!

Hemp oil for pain relief must come from the safe and sound source. You need to consider this before you start using a specific product. A few years ago, Europe was the main and the best place for raw plants. The reason behind this is the high standards used by the farmers. These days you can be positive that hemp from the United States is a valuable choice. Local farmers are using the same standards and they are able to produce the best possible hemp.

Extraction of Hemp CBD oil for pain

There is no need to explain this factor. As you were able to see we mentioned the extraction method several times in the reviews. The basic here is to have CBD oil that is extracted using a safe extraction method. The best one is cold CO2 extraction. It means that a plant is processed under low temperatures at high pressure. This translates to the lack of any chemicals which are not needed for this extraction process. The end result is a pure CBD oil of the highest quality that can meet the latest and the highest requirements.

There are a lot of possible extraction methods you can encounter at some point. However, CO2 is the best and the most effective. It is reserved for high-end products that meet the criteria you have.

Testing Hemp CBD oil for pain

It is important to consider the testing and approval of a particular product. Here you should look for the certificate of analysis or COA. This advantage means that a specific product you are planning to use has been tested by independent parties and it was approved. This also means that the THC levels are under 0.3% which is recommended. Anything higher than that and you will have to meet specific requirements for your state or country.

Facility approval of CBD oil

All facilities that are used for making CBD hemp oil should be tested and approved as well. Best manufacturers that make the best products have state of the art facilities that are FDA approved. As you would expect, this means that the facility meets the requirements testers set and it is safe to be used for the manufacturing process.

There are a lot of sub-factors here, but you should be focused on FDA approval or equivalent association. Those facilities are made to be sterile, come with the latest equipment and prevent any form of contamination. In return, you can expect hemp oil for pain relief that provides extreme quality and can be used as long as needed.

Taste of Hemp oil for pain

Taste has been one of the most important factors for us. There is more than you may believe and now we will explain. Organic and natural CBD oil must have a grassy taste. The taste should invoke your sense of smell and you should get a clear picture of grass when consuming the oil. Additionally, we can add that high-end oil made using safe and reliable processes has an earthy taste.

Here’s why this factor is more important than you may believe. If the taste isn’t as we have mentioned, it means that the oil contains artificial chemicals or it was made from non-organic ingredients. Those products should be avoided. As we said earlier hemp draws all the nutrients from the soil, so it will pull the chemicals such as pesticides and contaminate the oil! We had to repeat this fact due to its obvious importance.

Organic and vegan Hemp oil for pain

You will want to consider products that are organic and vegan. The goal is the same and the requirements are almost the same as well. Organic means that the hemp was grown without the use of any chemicals. Farmers are not allowed to use pesticides or herbicides on that field or nearby areas in order to make sure the plants are free from those chemicals.

The whole list of benefits is extremely long. Organic hemp is safer to use, it offers more health advantages and it can be used for a long period of time. The risk of side effects is decreased and the efficiency rate is much higher. Vegan refers to the same advantages and you should look for ‘’organic certified’’ or ‘’vegan’’ in the name of the product or description.


CBD oil for chronic pain comes in two main forms. The first one is tablets. Tablets are more appealing for some of you. Users can get a higher amount of oil in less time and you can easily carry the bottle anywhere you go. You don’t have to worry about the temperature where the bottle will be placed and you don’t have to measure each dosage before taking it. On the other hand, the reaction time is longer and you will usually have to start with a higher dosage, which isn’t recommended.

Drops are completely opposite. Their reaction time is much shorter and they can be carefully monitored so you can use the precise dosage at any given moment. The drawbacks include the care for the bottle. It should be kept at a dry and dark place.

Concentration of Hemp oil for pain

Concentration is used to define the overall strength of the CBD oil. It is especially important if you are looking CBD oil for nerve pain. A higher concentration means that the presence of CBD oil in a single drop is higher. A lower concentration means the opposite. You will need as high concentration as possible. It should be generally around 10%.  But, some products come with low concentration such as 4%. They are still effective but you will need to take more of product for a longer period of time so you will need a new bottle in less time.

The concentration should be measured in percentages. The best possible outcome is 20% or higher while the lowest rating is 3%. Higher is better and this should be your only mission.

Legality of Hemp oil for pain

CBD oil is generally legal these days so you can order it regardless of where you live. There are some differences. For instance, products that contain CBD oil only are generally legal in all states of the United States and most countries across the world. Products that contain THC are legal in fewer areas.

The matter cannot be generalized so you should check with local authorities in your local city and act accordingly. We had to mention this factor simply due to its importance. In 99% cases you won’t have any issues but check in order to be 100% positive.

Container of Hemp oil for pain

The package is used to define the container in which CBD oil will arrive. You can see that most brands offer glass containers. CBD oil for muscle pain or any other form of pain, as a matter of fact, should be delivered in glass containers. This is the best outcome due to the fact the glass in brown color won’t let sunlight reach the ingredients inside. You can use that oil for a long period of time and you can easily carry it with you at all times.

Plastic containers should be avoided. They can’t prevent sunlight from reaching the ingredients and as such, they are only more affordable, but less-desirable alternative.

Size of the package in CBD oil for pain

The size of the package is something you will likely consider the first. This simply means that a bigger container or more pills is a better choice. You get a discount when ordering a larger package and you will have more of CBD oil to use. We always recommend to our readers to get bigger packages. Small ones are expensive and they will be consumed within days. After that, you will have to order another package which adds the cost! CBD oil should be used for a long period of time regardless of why you use it in the first place. As such, a larger container and more tablets is definitely a smart choice.

Customer support of CBD oil for pain

If you are new to this realm you will probably have specific and important questions. Now, you need to consider customer support precisely for this very reason. They can help you by providing the best answer within minutes and you can be positive that this is an accurate answer. All the products we tested have outstanding customer support and they are more than just helpful.

Additional compounds of CBD oil for pain

Additional compounds can be omega fatty acids, vitamins and etc. The goal here is to choose a product that has ‘’desirable’’ ingredients as the ones we have just mentioned. At the same time, you should avoid products that contain heavy metals or artificial chemicals. Additional compounds that are desirable make the CBD oil better and can give you additional benefits. They are usually present in all high-end products and they are used to make a clear difference between great and not so great products of this kind.

Additional compounds should be listed on the label and a seller should clearly explain each one. If this isn’t the case, use the internet to find out about each compound, its origin, and its purpose.

THC level in CBD oil for pain

THC level should be 0.3% in all products. Anything higher than that isn’t desirable. You can get a product with lower value if you prefer, but there won’t be any differences compared to the benchmark rating. We will also reveal that this factor determines the legality of the product. CBD oil for arthritis and pain management is legal if the THC level is under 0.3%. If it is higher that product may not be legal in your state.

Purpose of the product CBD oil for pain

We used hemp oils that are made for pain management in general. They can be used for stress relief, anxiety and etc. but the pain management is their main purpose. If you are planning to get another product that isn’t on our list, make sure to get a suitable type of CBD oil.

The main difference is in the concentration and we should add that some products will be better for anxiety and depression while others will work better for pain. Make your choice and make sure you are getting the most suitable CBD hemp oil for your need. If you don’t want to consider this factor, simply get one product from the list above and you will get the benefits you need.

Sediment rate

Sediment rate is used to explain the overall purity of the oil. If it cont6ains metals and other compounds that are not desirable in this type of product, the sediment rate will be lower. Thanks to the latest technology and advanced extraction methods, you can see that CBD oil for back pain and several other purposes comes with the highest purity levels possible. This rating is 99.9% which is stunning. We did mention a product on our list that comes with this very rate and it is the simply a stunning outcome.

Pipette for CBD oil for pain

A pipette is a small and important factor all of us need to consider. Here you need accurate pipette that can help you use the specific dosage you need. Hemp oil for pain relief should be carefully measured and a pipette is an answer to your questions.


CBD Hemp Oil is the best remedy for pain and the one we liked the most. It gets 4.8 out of 5 star rating thanks to the CO2 extraction, excellent sources and the fact each package is tested and approved. CBD oil is the safest choice as well and the most appealing one for all of you. All you need to remember is that this is a high-end product that comes made from the best ingredients using the best methods and made for the most demanding users.


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